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Empowering Healthcare Excellence Through Data-Driven Insights

Understanding Patient Needs

Consumer research data provides insights into patient preferences, behaviors, and expectations. This understanding allows healthcare providers to tailor their services to better meet patient needs, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Targeted Marketing and Communication

By analyzing consumer research data, healthcare organizations can segment their target audience more effectively. This enables them to develop targeted marketing campaigns and communication strategies that resonate with specific patient demographics, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.

Product and Service Development

Consumer research data helps healthcare companies identify gaps in the market and opportunities for innovation. By understanding consumer preferences and pain points, organizations can develop new products and services that address unmet needs and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Improving Patient Experience

Consumer research data allows healthcare providers to gain insights into the patient experience at every touchpoint of the care journey. By identifying areas for improvement, such as wait times, communication gaps, or facility amenities, organizations can implement changes to enhance the overall patient experience and satisfaction.

Healthcare Access and Equity

Consumer research data can help identify disparities in healthcare access and outcomes among different demographic groups. By understanding the unique needs of underserved populations, healthcare organizations can develop targeted interventions to improve access, reduce disparities, and promote health equity.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Consumer research data empowers healthcare organizations to make informed decisions based on evidence rather than assumptions. By leveraging data analytics and insights, organizations can optimize resource allocation, improve operational efficiency, and achieve better outcomes for both patients and providers.

Revolutionize Your Strategy

Marshall Marketing’s consumer data research can play a crucial role in helping healthcare industries enhance patient satisfaction, personalize healthcare services, address community health needs, and improve healthcare access and equity within their service areas.

About Us

For over 38 years, We’ve conducted close to a million surveys across the country. At Marshall Marketing Inc., we specialize in tailoring surveys to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Our expert team meticulously incorporates demographics, geography, and any other qualifying segment of the population needed. We understand that customization is crucial to obtaining accurate and valuable insights.

Trust us to deliver surveys that cater to your specific needs and help you make informed decisions.


Years Collective Experience


Interviews Annually

What We Do

Over the years, We’ve conducted over a million+ surveys across the country so far. We customize each client’s survey and will recommend the appropriate survey methodology and data collection methods.

Telephone Survey

Telephone Survey

Tried and true, our phone surveys use the latest technology so your surveys are completed in a timely manner and with all statistical requirements met.

With the use of a 83-line/CATI fieldhouse, we are positioned to handle multiple surveys – both large and small – through the year.

Online Survey

Online Survey

The evolving marketplace demands new and innovative ways of collecting data. Marshall Marketing has a deep well of experience in all aspects of consumer research.

Our online surveys have a quick turnaround time and employ the latest online techniques.

Website User Surveys

Website User Surveys

Have Marshall Marketing conduct an online qualitative study of those who visit your website!

Going far beyond traditional visitor counts and unique, we can provide extensive demographics, website section ratings, user preferences, email capture and more!

Types of Survey

We offer several research options for you to choose from so you can reach the segment of consumers you need information on in a way that fits your strategy and your budget.

Consumer Behavior

Lifestyle Profiles & Generations

Socio Dynamics - AmeriScan

Customer Satisfaction - Net Promotor Score

Business to Business


Media Habits

Employee Satisfaction

Political & Opinion Polling

Post Sales Analysis

Our extensive client base speaks for our exceptional services

Whether you are in the media, retail or business industry, we can customize a proprietary research program that makes sense for you backed by unmatched customer support service.

Media Companies

Media Companies

Television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable systems, circular printers, and direct marketing companies, etc.



Hospitals, health insurance companies, financial institutions, auto dealers, furniture retailers, grocery chains, fast food chains, restaurants, department stores, discount stores, shopping malls, theme parks, wireless service providers, etc.

Other Organizations

Other Organizations

Advertising agencies, national trade associations and non-profit charitable organizations.

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