Tailoring Surveys to perfectly align with your unique requirements

What we do

For over 38 years, We’ve conducted close to a million surveys across the country. At Marshall Marketing Inc., we specialize in tailoring surveys to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Our expert team meticulously incorporates demographics, geography, and any other qualifying segment of the population needed. We understand that customization is crucial to obtaining accurate and valuable insights.

Trust us to deliver surveys that cater to your specific needs and help you make informed decisions.

Research Options

Over the years, We’ve conducted over a million+ surveys across the country. We customize each client’s survey and will recommend the appropriate survey methodology and data collection methods.

Telephone Survey

Telephone Survey

At Marshall Marketing Inc., we take great pride in our vast expertise and proven methods. Our telephone surveys seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology, ensuring efficient completion of your surveys while adhering to all statistical requirements.

Backed by our advanced 83-line/CATI fieldhouse, we possess the capability to effectively manage surveys of any magnitude throughout the entire year, guaranteeing accurate and dependable results tailored to your specific needs.

Online Survey

Online Survey

The evolving marketplace demands new and innovative ways of collecting data. Marshall Marketing has a deep well of experience in all aspects of consumer research.

Our online surveys have a quick turnaround time and employ the latest online techniques.

Website User Surveys

Website User Surveys

Have Marshall Marketing conduct an online qualitative study of those who visit your website!

Going far beyond traditional visitor counts and unique, we can provide extensive demographics, website section ratings, user preferences, email capture and more!

Types of Survey

The key to understanding your customers – or your clients’ customers – is having the right marketing intelligence! We offer several research options for you to choose from so you can reach the segment of consumers you need information on in a way that fits your strategy and your budget.

Consumer Behavior

Lifestyle Profiles & Generations

Socio Dynamics - AmeriScan

Customer Satisfaction - Net Promotor Score

Business to Business


Media Habits

Employee Satisfaction

Political & Opinion Polling

Post Sales Analysis

Customized proprietary research programs that makes sense for you.

At Marshall Marketing Inc., we have perfected a system that transforms research and marketing intelligence into tangible results which consists of the following seven disciplined steps