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Whether you are in the media, retail or business industry, we can customize a proprietary research program that makes sense for you backed by unmatched customer support service.

Media Companies

Media Companies

Television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable systems, circular printers, and direct marketing companies, etc.



Hospitals, health insurance companies, financial institutions, auto dealers, furniture retailers, grocery chains, fast food chains, restaurants, department stores, discount stores, shopping malls, theme parks, wireless service providers, etc.

Other Organizations

Other Organizations

Advertising agencies, national trade associations and non-profit charitable organizations.

Our Marketing Systems will

Increase Advertising Dollars

Generate an immediate increase in your share of your maket’s advertising dollars!

Digital Platforms

Assist in selling your digital platforms!

Provide data and training

Provide data and training on how to sell against competing media.


customized qualitative survey for your Market & Designed exclusively for your station!


Provide Training on how to build & present an effective sales presentation


Over 130 Stations are current clients!


Experienced Marshall Marketing Consultants will go on sales calls with your staff

Vast & diverse client-base, catering to over 130 markets nationwide